Nhận 70 token TRUE Token Airdrop

EOS Based TrustFree Decentralized Casino Platform

Leveraging Smart Contracts & Blockchain technology to provide truly transparent and cryptographically secured casino experience.

While existing solutions are mainly focusing on just one casino, TrueDeck is creating an open protocol for others to build and operate their own casinos to make gambling in reach of billions.

We’re taking a step further by dropping existing RNG solutions and creating TrustFree Technologies like Mental Poker Protocol & DRNG (Decentralized Random Number Generation).

TRUE Token Airdrop Rules

  • Tokens will be airdropped to first 25,000 participants equally.
  • To get upto 70 airdrop tokens:
    • Participant must register on TrueDeck Website.
    • Email account must be verified.
    • Fill their Ether Wallet Address and social profile usernames.
    • Get 35 TRUE tokens by following TrueDeck twitter channel @TrueDeckCasino
    • Get 35 tokens by joining TrueDeck Telegram group @thetruedeck and channel @truedeck.
  • On successful creation of TrueDeck account, you will get a referral link.
  • On each successful referral, you’ll get extra 10 TRUE tokens.
  • Referral will only be counted, if referred person has a verified TrueDeck account.
  • Airdrop registration will close on “20 May 2018 00:00:00 UTC”.
  • In any case, if there are tokens remaining out of 2M, rest of the tokens will be equally distributed to all eligible participants.
  • These tokens will be distributed on priority basis before the main airdrop.
  • Anyone creating multiple accounts to get benefit from referral program will not receive any tokens.